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TOYOTA LQ was exhibited at CES 2020 held in Las Vegas, United States as an exemplar of Toyota's future mobility!

TOYOTA’s quest for innovation

begins in TOKYO 2020.

And you're a part of it.

In the near future, various information and services will organically connect
such that the world will be more convenient and exciting than ever.
"YUI" will bond you with your car as well as with society.

YUI is a Toyota AI agent made to enrich your life
by providing optimal advice and services working
as a mobility expert that considers each of your unique traits.

And YUI x Automated Drive Mobility "LQ" will present "Toyota YUI Project TOURS 2020."
It will offer a futuristic mobile experience with you in it at the Tokyo waterfront subcenter,
in TOKYO 2020.

It will be a revolutionary tour for the relationship between not only you and mobility,
but between all humans and mobility. Please join us for this historical adventure.


June to September, 2020


Odaiba MEGA WEB - Tokyo waterfront subcenter

YUI x Automated Drive Mobility "LQ," a futuristic mobile experience tour, will drive you around open roads in Odaiba.

With TOURS 2020, you can experience YUI's developmental concept, "LOVE" - "LEARN (to understand)," "GROW (to grow together)," and "LOVE (to become partners)." In mid May, 2020, the YUI application will be available for download, so please tell YUI first about yourself. YUI will learn about you and grow. About 2,000 pairs from YUI application users can join this tour. You'll ride on the "LQ" with YUI, who is now your partner, and experience the future of mobility, such as communication with your YUI, automated driving at SAE level 4, automated valet parking, and driving with AR-HUD.

Check out the route of TOUR

Near future automated drive mobility with YUI.

About 400 engineers worked on the development using over 20,000 parts. YUI is equipped with the five-senses feedback function, which automatically enables a seat relaxing function, music, and interior illuminations through your facial expressions and conversations with YUI. It features Toyota's latest technologies such as advanced safety through AR-HUD, Augmented Reality - Head-UP Display, and a design based on INSIDE OUT, which organically bonds the exterior and interior.

In 2020, mid May
YUI application is available for download

You'll be entitled to apply for TOURS 2020 by raising an AI agent YUI meant only for you.

※Application icon may change
※Japanese version only

TEAM YUI Project

It is a developmental project that drives a general user on the open roads with "LQ"
an automated driving mobility system with the AI agent “YUI” installed.
It learns deeply from a driver and grows together, which makes it a special car of the new era.
This is a revolution to realize Toyota's passion towards the future.